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Crazy Lixx
Crazy Lixx
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 7 November, 2014
Playing time: 48:45

The energetic and experienced Swedish sleaze/hard rock band Crazy Lixx is back with a new and exciting album. Two years has passed since their last album 'Riot Avenue' hit the market and I wrote ''Riot Avenue'' was a bit lukewarm, but Ok album. It didn't strike me as hard like this new self titled album from Crazy Lixx has done. This album is one of their strongest releases ever. Big and powerful vocals from Danny Rexon, who actually sings quite similar to the fine vocalist Jonny Lindqvist in Nocturnal Rites. The opening song 'Hell Raising Women' is one helluva starter with strong choruses and catchy guitar playing and positive feelings.

Crazy Lixx has taken their sound a bit further into an more mature style and are more adult in the play mode with more precise guitar playing and the songs are very much influenced by the 80's hard rock. Take 'Sound of the Loud Minority' as an example, it sounds sensational delightful and tasty. Half-Ballad 'Outlaw' is a pearl in the tracklist with superb guitar playing and charming lead vocals. I get some vibrations of the old, wayward Canadian 80's icon Aldo Nova in the song 'Girls of the 80's'. One of the weaker cards in the deck is 'I Missed the Mark', which leaves me quite untouched, except those blazing moments when they unleash their guitars in the middle of the song.

One of the harder songs is the raw and the bare track 'All Looks, No Hooks' with razor sharp guitars and a given party song to be played at high volume. 'Is not No Rest In Rock N' Roll 'is a straight forward rock n roll song that is the basic model, and goes with full throttle on all the way into the finish line. Fits very well on the stage, where you learn the chorus in seconds. Some of the more mature songs are 'Call to Action' and 'Heroes are Forever' with brilliant guitar playing and a little calmer appearance. The powerful track "Psycho City" with mighty drumming, amazing string playing and catchy choruses that along with Danny's vigorous vocals grows into one of the top songs on the album. The album ends with the faster and lighter rock tune 'Wrecking Ball Crew'.

In my world Crazy Lixx has grown into a capacity over the years and is now a full fledged hard rock band, which stands well in an international quality comparison. The lyrics are better and even guitars sound sharper than on the last album. A very pleasant album to spend time with, especially if you like melodic hard rock with a driven sound.

Line up:
Danny Rexon - Vocals
Andy Zata - Guitar
Edd Liam - Guitar
Jol Cirera - Drums
Jens Sjholm - Bass

01. Hell Raising Women
Sound Of The Loud Minority
Girls Of The 80s
I Missed The Mark
All Looks, No Hooks
Ain't No Rest In Rock N Roll
Call To Action
Heroes Are Forever
Psycho City
11. Wrecking Ball Crew
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 1 November, 2014
Website: www.crazylixx.com