Power of Metal.dk Review

Chrome Division
Infernal Rock Eternal
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 17 January, 2014
Playing time: 53:54

Well, this is a long album. Almost an hour. Heavy metal - well....yes. Lots of different types.

I absolutely love this record. You know, I have mentioned in other reviews the problems with copying under the guise of 'influence'. This, ladies and gents, is how to make something original and entertaining from drawing on your influences without copying. I believe it is the 4th offering from Chrome Division, who were formed by Dimmu Borgir main man Shagrath. He abstains from vocals in Chrome Division and elects to play guitars instead. They also stay away from Black Metal, and that is fine with me.

Vocals sound a little like Chuck Billy in places. The second track, 'Endless Nights' sounds like Chuck has joined Black Label Society and it was very entertaining. That raw growl over heavy guitars tuned to a lower key. Yes, the BLS influences crop up but there is so much change. Well to be honest, it's more the Zakk Wylde guitar tone than BLS - but this is successfully merged into a lot of different styles throughout the album.

My favourite songs are a million miles from what I just mentioned. There's a lovely kinda folk toned song (which doesn't stay that way for long) called 'Lack Of Perpetual Sorrow' that reminds me of something Chris Cornell would do. The very skilful blend of acoustic and electric guitars on this song in particular is reminiscent of all that was good about a lot of bands to come out of the very early 90s. This is one of those songs that succeeds beautifully in taking you in a completely different direction from where it started and then getting you back there again.

Other parts of this album remind me of Down and Skid Row. For the latter just listen to 'Reaper On The Hunt'. Completely different styles that blend together and work when you really wouldn't imagine they could, not together. I sound like I am describing a Best Of Heavy Metal compilation album. You could put this album on in any rock or metal pub and people probably would never realise they are listening to the same band. Throw in a catchy bluesy rock number called 'The Moonshine Years' which brings the Chuck Billy vocal style back and I'm thinking how does that kind of vocal performance fit on a (albeit very heavy) blues rock track? I wish I knew. I only know that it does. Sounds like Chuck left BLS and went to Motorhead.

The adaptability of the frontman, one Shady Blue (I will never understand stage names but that's irrelevant) is one of the strongest points on the album. I can't work out if the last track, 'OI' is supposed to be thrash metal or new wave punk. It has elements of both of them which sounds impossible to put together, being as apart from the tempo there isn't really anything similar in those two genres. How the actual fuck are they doing this? I don't care I'm just pleased they are.

This is awesome. It's like watching those 'Will It Blend?' clips on Youtube but with metal music instead. Well, I can tell you it definitely does blend. These are guys that draw on influences to create original material. Not the copycats in the mainstream that we are so very sick of. Keep doing what you're doing please guys. Outstanding. 54 minutes of Out. Fuckin.

01. Good Morning Riot (Instrumental)
Endless Nights
(She's) Hot Tonight
The Absinthe Voyage
Lady Of Perpetual Sorrow
The Moonshine Years
No Bet For Free
On The Run Again
Mistress In Madness
Reaper On The Hunt
11. You're Dead Now
12. OI
Label: Nuclear Blast
Distribution: Sony Music
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 17 January, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/chromedivision