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Captain Black Beard
Before Plastic
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 23 May, 2014
Playing time: 38:33

Captain Black Beard from Stockholm, Sweden is back with their follow-up album to the strong self-titled debut disc from 2011. Same members and the same groovy melodic hard rock. Sakaria Björklund sings with a confident voice and he is the perfect front man. I must admit that I became quite skeptical when I listened to the first song 'Please Come Home', which is probably the weakest song on the whole album, although Bruce Kulick guest appears. Usually 99% of the bands put their singles or strongest songs as number 1.

On the next track 'Somebody' things are getting more stable and the melodic rock flows into my ears, a really nice track. Tommy Denander's magic guitars lift the song up quite well. But when 'New York City' kicks off, my blood pressure raises. This is a blasting rock track. Dusty, groovy rock n roll and amazing guitars and 'NYC' is one of the top song on 'Before Plastic'. In the calmer and smoother song 'Bad Girl' the AOR influences are bigger and the hard rock corners are a bit more gentle and shock-friendly. The bluesy and half funky rock track 'Music Man' is also one of my favourites on this album. I get 'Electric Boys' in my mind when I listen to this one.

The coolest and two of the best tracks are the mega catchy 'Aiming For Love' and 'Keep On Drivi'n' with hefty vocals and appealing melodies. 'Shout' is a fast one and it has good glam metal riffing within. This track is the heaviest and the shortest on the entire disc. 'Life's What You Make It' smokes of 70's classic hard rock and has some fancy guitar hooks.

Captain Black Beard plays rock n roll music that fits on the live stage, because their energy is hard to deliver on a shiny disc, like 'Takin' You Out' which have potential to be a live favourite. 'Before Plastic' ends with the epic 'Listen Up'. Various tempos and rock genres are mixed up in this shiny gem. From slow, calm ballad moods to heavy rocking tones and Mr. Denander is showing off his guitar skills here and there.

It's often very hard to make the second album better than the debut, but this sequel is good and my overall score stays in the middle Rock Solid level. A bit lame in the beginning of the album, but a super stiff middle section and several strong ending songs makes me quite happy.

I will keep my eye on these guys in the future.
It's not a question if they will break big, it's a more a question of when.........      

Line up:
Sakaria Björklund - vocals/guitar
Victor Högberg - drums
Robert Majd - bass
Christian Ek - guitar

Guest lead guitar:
Bruce Kulick (track 1)
Mats Karlsson (track 7)
Tommy Denander (track 2, 8, 11)

01. Please Come Home
New York City
Bad Girl
Music Man
Aiming For Love
Keep On Drivi'n
Life's What You Make It
Takin' You Out
Listen Up
Label: Dead End Exit Records
Distribution: Germusica
Artwork rating: 68/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 26 May, 2014
Website: www.captainblackbeard.net/