Power of Metal.dk Review

Cannibal Corpse
A Skeletal Domain
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 12 September, 2014
Playing time: 43:00

Anno 2014 they are perhaps not the most brutal and shocking band anymore, but still one to reckon with. This 13th album is a rather logical follow up to their 2012 album 'Torture'. It is again very recognizable Cannibal Corpse, with the typical low grunting vocals of George Fisher and the brutal blastbeats as a lead.

On this new album the band has again succeeded in playing very technical, but without losing the grip on writing real songs. Besides the fast blastbeating parts there also are a lot of early eighties thrash riffs involved in the songs, listen for example to the track "A Skeletal Domain". Also the fifth track opens like a thrash song, with a nice riff and it is because of the grunting vocals that you call it death metal.  When the songs slow a bit down they have a nice kind of groove and the bass gurgles on and on in the background. Hasn't there changed anything then?, well you can conclude that several songs have refrains that sound more catchy than on earlier albums. The first song immediately shows that and there are a few more.

The lyrics are again about nice subjects like zombies, killing and other bed time story stuff, but without becoming childish. The artwork is again nicely done by Vincent Locke and the production of Mark Lewis sounds great and gives the album a different sound compared with the last few albums, perhaps more modern is the correct word.

An album you should own if you call yourself a real death metal fan!

01. High Velocity Impact Spatter
Sadistic Embodiment
Kill Or Become
A Skeletal Domain
Headlong into Carnage
The Murder's Pact
Funeral Cremation
Icepick Lobotomy
09. Vector of Cruelty
10. Bloodstained Cement
11. Asphyxiate to Resuscitate
12. Hollowed Bodies
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 10 September, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/cannibalcorpse