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Death Shall Rise
Style: Death Metal
Release date: 8 August, 2014
Playing time: 36:01 (original CD without bonus tracks)

The time: end of the eighties, beginning of the nineties. The context: Death metal is spreading blood, guts, growls, violence and creativity, virtuosity.

The place: the Morrisound studio, Tampa, Florida, where Death added unforgettable parts to the metal legend.

The same place where Obituary recorded ‘Slowly We Rot’ (89), Deicide and Iced Earth their eponymous first album (90), Napalm Death ‘Harmony Corruption’ (90), Morbid Angel ‘Blessed Are the Sick’ (91), Pestilence ‘Testimony of the Ancients’ (91), Sepultura ‘Arise’ (91), Cynic ‘Focus’ (93), Loudblast ‘Sublime Dementia’ (93), where Coroner ‘Grin’ (93) was mixed … feel free to complement this list.

‘Death Shall Rise’ (91) brings some good memories to me. The first notes of ‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered’ or ‘Back from the Dead’ are craved in my mind, as the Cancer show in London at the Marquee Club in March 1992, meeting the drummer Carl Stokes.

After a cult ‘To the Gory End’, Cancer gets the opportunity to take a step forward. Produced by Scott Burns, the sound is typical from the time and the place, especially the drums.

James Murphy who rose to fame by playing on Death ‘Spiritual Healing’ (90) and Obituary ‘Cause of Death’ (90) is in charge of the lead guitar. Murphy brings a superb and melodic touch which goes perfectly with John Walker’s solid, efficient and often catchy riffs.

I am not forgetting the quality of the bridges and more generally of the songs’ structure.

John Walker growls also well with… a clear diction. Maybe it is the British accent, but you do not need to read the lyrics to understand the words. It does not happen that often…

For the record, Glenn Benton screams the refrain ‘Hung, Drawn and Quartered’: short but memorable guest vocals.

This reissue, with two live bonus tracks, by Cyclone Empire is an excellent idea. ‘To the Gory End’ (90) and ‘The Sins of Mankind’ (94) are also re-released.

Cancer has already had some reunion shows in 2014, in May at home at The Haygate, Telford, England, then at Neurotic Deathfest, Tilburg, Netherlands, at Maryland Deathfest, Baltimore, USA, and in July at Hell's Pleasure, P÷▀neck, Germany.

  ‘Death Shall Rise’ did not change my life like ‘Human’, ‘Grin’ or ‘Focus’ did, but I still have a kind of affection for this record. You can really enjoy it in 2014. Do not hesitate.

01. Hung, Drawn and Quartered
02. Tasteless Incest
03. Burning Casket
04. Death Shall Rise
05. Back from the Dead
06. Gruesome Tasks
07. Corpse Fire
08. Internal Decay
09. Hung, Drawn and Quartered (Live 1992)

10. Blood Bath (Live 1992)
Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: Sure Shot
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: 11 August, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/CancerBandUK