Power of Metal.dk Review

The Hunt
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 2 March, 2014
Playing time: 53:48

This is an easy album to get in to for a rock fan - the first offering from the UKs BlackWolf.

It follows a fairly predictable formula throughout but keeps things different enough to stay well engaged. Very reminiscent of Audioslave in places, and then early AC/DC in others. I think I hear a bit of Creedance in there somewhere and the vocals are very much like Myles Kennedy.

Production could be a little better. Vocals and lead guitar are, in places, disproportionately louder, but only every so often.

All these influences you can clearly hear from others but that doesn't mean they've copied. As I said in my review for Chrome Division a few months back, they've drawn on others to create memorable, distinctive songs that stay with you. That's not the same as bands like Airbourne or Avenged Sevenfold who quite blatantly copy. This is what using influences is supposed to be like.

There are so many things different going on during 'Moving Mountains' that keep it entertaining, and the following ballad 'Faith In Me' is well and truly stuck in my head. I've never heard something since doing these reviews and subsequently picked up my guitar and learned the song - that's the power some of these riffs have had. They're as fun for me to play as they were to listen to.

'Trouble'.....man if ever there was a song to run from the cops or drive fast too. I didn't want that song to end.

This whole album could be a soundtrack to Sons Of Anarchy. I think these guys are going places. Awesome.

01. Mr Maker
02. Keep Moving On
03. Moving Mountains
04. Faith In Me
05. Trouble
06. Only Said In Silence
07. House of Emerald Wine
08. Raised on the Sun
09. Black Hole Friend

Dragging Ghosts  
11. Relief
12. Sleepwalking
13. Sea of Merry
Label: Independent
Distribution: Stampede PR
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 16 April, 2014
Website: www.ukblackwolf.com