Power of Metal.dk Review



Style: Dark Post Metal
Release date: 10 October, 2014
Playing time: 63:11

The responses for the new material of the German BETHLEHEM are contradictory, but no matter of the partialities, it will not be denied that the quality of their music product is very high. Their experimental seekings are not fading their roots as godfathers and creators of a whole gender in the extreme metal.

Their new album reflects the whole wealth of their different periods. According the concept from the last years Hexacosioihexekontahexaphobia begins with experimental rock that is close to performers like UMBRA ET IMAGO and LACRIMOSA. The singing in German language also leads the music in such direction. As in a great part of the experimental German scene the hystery and the aggressive guitars find their place in the songs. The escalation in this direction turns into a trip to the roots that in track № 6 (I will not quote the titles!!!) already had jumped on 100 % in dark metal. Track № 7 is this one, that turns us back in time and researches the depths of the debut album of BETHLEHEM in its best tradition and darkest metal seekings. This is the song, because of which the nostalgic fans would listen to this album!

After that the musicians take us from the past with more post metal manner, without leaving completely the strong guitars. They lead us thru funeral doom monotony (8), ambient stray (9). Among the frequent acoustic guitar performances are implemented German folk influences (10, 12), and neo-classical figures (11). With the final track the band again gave a wink at the fans of the harder sound.

Long, diverse, intellectual, and beautiful, the new album of BETHLEHEM should enrich every discography. From the hard metal to the relaxing art rock – here you will find a whole universe ofsubsistence.

01. Ein Kettenwolf greint
Egon Erwin's Mongo-Mumu
Verbracht in Plastiknacht
Gebor'n um zu versagen
Nazi Zombies mit Tourette-Syndrom
06. S
pontaner Freitod
Warum wurdest du bloss solch ein Schwein
Hoehst alberner Wichs
Ich ass gern Federn
Letale familiaere Insomnie
Kinski's Cordicepsgemach
12. Antlitz eines Teilzeitfreaks
Label: Prophecy Productions
Distribution: Soulfood
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 29 November, 2014
Website: Bethlehem