Power of Metal.dk Review

Bernie Marsden
Style: Blues/Hard Rock
Release date: 18 August, 2014
Playing time: 57:00

The UK guitar legend Bernie Marsden with history in Withesnake, UFO, Wild Turkey, Babe Ruth and Cozy Hammer's Hammer, Alaska and many more bands releases a new studio album with big brush strokes of blues rock. With guests like Joe Bonamassa, David Coverdale, Ian Paice and Don Airey you can inhale the musical fog on this disc. Mature and grown up rock n roll with beautiful melodies and charming guitar playing. The drums on this album are played by Jeff Beck's drummer Jimmy Copley, and on the base, we find Mark Feltham, who also makes a beautiful harmonica solo on the slow blues song "Lady Friend" btw.

'Shine' is recorded in the classic Abbey Road Studios with producer Rob Cass as the overall sound artist. Bernie has been in the same studio earlier when Whitesnake played in the super hit 'Here I Go Again'. Sound-wise, this is really good, but it's not just the sound that is great on this album. It's top-notch quality throughout all the thirteen songs, where we offered lead heavy blues tracks such as: 'Bad Blood' featuring Cherry Lee Mewis, opening track 'Linin' Track 'and' Hoxie Rollin 'Time'. Beautiful, silky songs like the closing song 'NW8'.

Personally I like it best when David Coverdale is the guest vocalist. He sings on the heavy track "Trouble" and you would think that they moved back to Whitesnake's heyday, this is a delightfully bluesy rock song with David's characteristic vocals. And, yes !! It is a cover of the old Whitesnake classic, but it sounds incredibly fresh and new!

I especially like: 'Walk Away', ZZ Top boogie-rock groove in 'Kinda Wish She Would', and the aforementioned Coverdale guest performance in "Trouble", the smooth AOR song 'Who do We Think We are?', which is a nice melodic song with emotional depths, the title track 'Shine' with Bonamassa and the wonderfully airy and 70s fragrant 'Dragonfly' are my favourites.

This is a surprisingly strong album from the old guitar giant and I recommend it to all hard rock lovers with taste for the bluesy direction to get a copy of Bernie's 'Shine' immediately!! Good stuff!!

01. Linin' Track
Wedding Day
Walk Away
Kinda Wish She Would
Trouble (Featuring David Coverdale)
Who Do We Think We Are?
Bad Blood (Featuring Cherry Lee Mewis)
Shine (Featuring Joe Bonamassa)
You Better Run
12. Hoxie Rollin' Time
13. NW8
Label: Mascot Label Group
Distribution: Warner Music (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 12 August, 2014
Website: www.berniemarsden.co.uk