Power of Metal.dk Review

The Slaughter Never Stops
Style: NWoBHM
Release date: 1 December, 2014
Playing time: 46:16

Out of a handful of bands with the same moniker, this Avenger is probably the best known. The band was part of the NWoBHM movement and although it has been playing live since a 2005 reunion, “The Slaughter Never Stops” is the band’s first studio-album in exactly 30 years. Was it worth the wait?

Well, to be honest I was hoping for something stronger and fresher. Thankfully, however, the songs are well-written and have enough hooks to appease most fans of old-school English Metal. The vocals of Avenger’s Ian ‘Swifty’ Swift reminded me of Paul Di’Anno – this was before the ‘Killers’ cover came out of my speakers. Incidentally the band does an excellent job of this Iron Maiden classic.

Other highlights...the twin guitars of ’In Arcadia Go’ is another strong parallel of Iron Maiden. Unsurprisingly both guitarists also play together in a Maiden tribute band. ‘Flayer Psychosis’ has some nifty axework and ‘Shot To Hell’ is notable for a great opening riff. The brief ‘Mace Imperial’ adequately creates some tension before the album kicks off and is reminiscent of Star Wars’ Imperial March. All the songs seem to have been written to get an audience going and in itself this is a good indication on what to expect from the album.

Avenger don’t bring back the classic NWOBHM vibe as much as they behave as if it never went away. The album won’t floor you but contains enough good moments to make it an enjoyable experience.

Watch the official video of Avenger covering ‘Killers’:

Ian ‘Swifty’ Swift
(ex-Satan, ex-Atomkraft, ex-Tysondog) – vocals
Liam Thompson
(ex-Death In Blood) – guitars & backing vocals
Sean Jefferies
(ex-Sacred Illusion, ex-Earthrod) - guitars
Ian ‘The Fuzz’ Fulton
(Sweet Sympathy) – bass guitar & backing vocals
Gary Young
(Repulsive Vision, ex-Blitzkrieg, ex-Marauder) - drums & backing vocals

01. Mace Imperial (instrumental)
02. Race Against Time
03. Fate
04. Fields of the Burnt
05. Into the Nexus
06. Decimated
07. In Arcadia Go
08. Killers
(Iron Maiden cover)
09. Flayer Psychosis
10. Shot to Hell

11. Midnight Mass Destruction
Label: Rocksector Records
Distribution: Rocksector Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 23 November, 2014
Website: www.avenger-uk.com