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Avenged Sevenfold
Waking the Fallen : Resurrected
Style: Modern Melodic Metalcore
Release date: 26 August, 2014
Playing time: 2:12:00

This is indeed the re-issue of their second album 'Waking the Fallen', which was the last album released before signing to a major label. This 2003 release was the first with guitarist Synyster Gates and bass player Johnny Christ and at first it didn't do a lot. After the band released their first big seller 'City of Evil', the sales of their second album also went up and exceeded over half a million copies.

This resurrected album has been out for a week and has already entered the Billboard top 10, selling over 23,000 albums the first week. This shows that Avanged Sevenfold is still hot and that there are still fans who don't own the original 2003 album. 'Waking the Fallen" was the last album with the typical metalcore influences and harsh screaming vocals of M. Shadows, but also the first where M. Shadows used his cleaner singing more often. Looking back, the album was the first step towards their new sound, which made the band what they stand for at the moment.

Besides all the songs from the first release there is a lot of bonus material and that is for the older fan also very attractive. Demo versions of several songs and I have to confess that I think they sometimes even sound better than those on the album. The live versions of the songs are well produced and sound o.k. There is nothing wrong with such releases, although they could have chosen something else instead of 3 versions of "Second Heartbeat" in my opnion, enough is as good as a feast.

For the youngsters that stepped in before their first 2 albums this re-issue is a good opportunity to learn how it all started and for those who find their latest album 'Hail to the King' an album full of plagiarism perhaps a welcome gift.

01. Waking the Fallen
Unholy Confessions
Chapter Four
Desecrate Through Reverence
Eternal Rest
Second Heartbeat
Radiant Eclipse
09. I Won't See You Tonight part 1
10. I Won't See You Tonight part 2
11. Clairvoyant Disease
12. And All Things Will End

13. Waking the Fallen_Resurrected
14. Second Heartbeat (alternative version)
15. Chapter Four (demo)
16. Remenissions (demo)
17. I Won't See You Tonight part 1 (demo)
18. I Won't See You Tonight part 2 (demo)
19. Intro_Chapter Four (Live in Ventura)
20. Desecrate Through Reverence (Live in Pomona)
21. Eternal Rest (Live in Pomona)
22. Unholy Confessions (Live in Ventura)
23. Second Heartbeat (Live in Ventura)
Label: Hopeless Records
Distribution: Rude Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 7 September, 2014
Website: www.avangedsevenfold.com