Power of Metal.dk Review

New Southern
Style: Southern Groovy Rock/Metal
Release date: 25 April, 2014
Playing time: 46:34

New wine in old barrels sometimes tastes good that is what these American youngsters must have thought. What they serve here is almost a perfect mix of Pantera, Black Stone Cherry, Mastodon and Disturbed but with just enough of their own ideas.

The opening riff of "Words of Wisdom" immediately grabs you by the balls, the crunchy riffs in combination with the groovy tempo and the aggressive sand-papered vocals of Larado Romo is the perfect opening track and tells you what you can expect from the tracks to follow. "New Southern" is a little slower, but again with an excellent groove and an ideal song to shake your head to. With several songs I had to think of Skintrade's debut album, not that they play the same style, but more because certain songs give me the same addictive feeling.

That the album is called 'New Southern' isn't a coincidence either, in several songs they add elements of 70s southern rock. "Black Heartbeat" is a softer track and not only the vocals make me think of the band Nickelback. After this little resting point the band carries on with their groovy crunchy guitar driven songs. I guess that fans of bands like Black Label Society, Disturbed, Black Stone Cherry, Mastodon and perhaps even a few Pantera fans will lick their fingers when listening to this album.

If you think that Nickelback sounds too wimpy and Pantera is just too heavy, this might be just the middle road you like to follow. This young band's debut promises a lot and creates high expectations for future albums.

01. Words of Wisdom
New Southern
100 % Pure American Rage
Hate Heartbeat
Black Heartbeat
I Get Along With the Devil
Path to Pain
Wake Up
09. Ride of Your Life
10. Stagnant Water
11. Truck Stop Special
12. Jonesboro
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Distribution: Sony Music (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 20 April, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/antimortemUSA