Power of Metal.dk Review

Ancestors Blood
A Moment of Clarity
Style: Pagan Black Metal
Release date: 6 August, 2014
Playing time: 45:56

Ancestors Blood is a band I have never heard before. The "Pagan Black Metal" tag accompanied the band name on our list which interested me enough to give them a shot. Based upon their biography, they were formed in Finland in the winter of 2002. Their themes express their fascination with heathen beliefs as a way to pay tribute  and commemorate the ancient times with their lyrics prescribing to old ceremonies and rituals.
If you have been keeping up with what is coming out of the metal world today, A Moment of Clarity is quite unusual to some magnitude. There are bands such as Vreid, who have adapted to a more modern and contemporary sound, but there are also bands like Ancestors Blood who hold dear to their primitive and rough sound, production wise. It is sort of a disc out of the Scandinavian scene in the early 90's, conforming in every respect to Burzum's "Hvis lyset tar oss" but with broader arrangements and more reliance on the keyboards.
Having recorded and mixed this release by the band themselves, long intros and outros are a traditional and an archaic trademark for Ancestors Blood - primordial, esoteric and raw as a result, perhaps even too focused on symbolism and not mainly on the sound which forced the whole thing to become grey and blunt. Hopefully, that is not carved in stone.


01. Intro (03:08)
02. Legend of the Horizon (12:18)
03. Ancestors Blood (Part II) (04:03)
04. From the Ruins… (05:27)
05. A Moment of Clarity (02:54)
06. Ritual of the Sacred Dance (07:54)
07. Puu Išnikuinen (05:58)
08. Outro (04:14)

Label: Heidens Hart Records
Distribution: Heidens Hart Records
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Haydee G.
Date: 27 March, 2014
Website: www.ancestors-blood.com