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Adrenaline Mob
Men of Honor
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 24 February, 2014
Playing time: 51:31

When I was listen the first time to 'Omerta' in 2012 the hair on my arms began to raise, my spinal cord began to shrink and I felt an incredible energy and power that was released by Sir Russell Allen's awesome sidetrack to Symphony X: Adrenaline Mob! It was one of the top albums that year, no discussions about that! I was putting my hot coffee in the wrong throat when I heard that Mike Portnoy had left the band and had been replaced by Twisted Sisters drummer AJ Pero.....What!?

Mr. Portnoy was the foundation of the rhythm section and how has the sound changed with this replacement? I can calm everyone, because AJ is actually a monster behind the drum set. No one on this planet can fully replace Mike Portnoy that goes without saying, but the groovy, slammin', powerful and raw metal is still the main sound. In the opening track 'Mob is Back' most of my fears are swept away by the master voice of Russell Allen. Mike Orlando on guitar and John Moyer on the bass are driving this metal tank with harshness like two big rock ponders. My big question is why the hell did AJ Pero waste his time with Twisted Sisters instead of bloom out with a real heavy metal band (like Adrenaline Mob) all of those years?? He is playing like a young, hungry metal maniac! Awesome drum work.

In 'Come on Get Up' Russell shout//sings the orders "In your Face/Come On/Get Up" and heavy rhythms is really unmistakable from the unique Adrenaline Mob sound. In the hard rocking 'Dearly Departed' the tones are a little gentler and smoother and it is Russell's vocals which completely owns that song. In the wonderful and sensitive power ballad 'Behind These Eyes' Adrenaline Mob surprises me with some assault guitar riffs and great vocals. The characteristic rhythmic hard bass riffs in 'Let It Go' and the freak out guitar riffing from Orlando is sweeping my feet away. Sir Allen is working his heart out in the up-tempo song 'Feel the Adrenaline' and Orlando and Moyer are playing like mad men. Brilliant track with a ton of energy! The title track 'Men of Honor' is a nice melodic metal track. The second ballad on the album is 'Crystal Clear' and is a 100% acoustic track. The heavy and harsh sound is back with 'House of Lies' and 'Judgement Day', which are two solid metal tracks. The closing song 'Fallin' to Pieces' is another down-tempo track, but has powerful lyrics and masterful vocal performance from Russell.

A magnificent follow-up to their debut album 'Omerta' and even if I miss Portnoy's drumming on this album, it is still a disc in the same level. If you bought 'Omerta' and like what you heard, you can invest your money on 'Men of Honor' also. Great studio production and eleven strong tracks!

It's nice to have the Mob back!
Russell Allen - Vocals
Mike Orlando - Guitar/Vocals
John Moyer - Bass
AJ Pero - Drums

01. Mob Is Back
Come On Get Up
Dearly Departed
Behind These Eyes
Let It Go
Feel The Adrenaline
Men Of Honor
Crystal Clear
House Of Lies
Judgement Day
Fallin' To Pieces
Label: Century Media
Distribution: Univeral (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 89/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 17 February, 2014
Website: adrenalinemob.com