Power of Metal.dk Review

Act II: Silent Narratives
Style: Symphonic Progressive Power Metal
Release date: 23 May, 2014
Playing time: 63:32

Rich, tasty, youthful and technical symphonic power metal with strong progressive flakes hits me hard in the face, when this finish musical revelation called Adamantra release their second album. Their debut album came in 2009 (Revival) and it was sadly enough only released in Finland. After several years of writing and production, are they back with full force. A lot of time has passed, and they have used the time very wisely. This is a metal band you have to check out, if you like metal music like; Symphony X, Dream Theater, Blind Guardian, Royal Hunt, Seventh Wonder or if you are a fan of progressive metal and power metal in a tasty, fat and juicy blend.

I find this very enjoyable. With amazing vocals from Toumas Nieminen and insane guitar and keyboard skills from Christian Pulkkinen and Panu Kiskola. The opening track 'Lionheart' is a mastodon song which clocks in at 18:15, it's a masterful first song that starts with stunning guitar layers upon layers and accelerates off and breaks of with varied tempo changes, all seasoned with classic Finnish melancholic sultry mood. An eighteen minutes metal opera with symphonic, bombastic melodies and very progressive occasionally. In 'Three' the progressive parts are more obvious and the guitars and vocals are much more aggressive. 'In The Shadow of the Cross' is a more of a classic power metal song with charming vocals from Toumas. Harsher tones and darker, stiffer guitars starts 'The Oracle', but it turns into more classic power metal.

The epic song 'Angel of Music' is a classic finish prog metal song with some splashes of Nightwish emotions with the brilliant guest voice of Helena Haaparanta! Next song is the shortest track on the album and clocks in at 3:33, it's called 'Red Death' and is maybe the weakest song. 'Wicked Chain of Events' is one of the fastest songs on 'Act II: Silent Narratives' and Nieminen manages to do some stunning vocals performances in this one. The full blown progressive track 'Circle of Sorrow' is also an technical metal song, which has melodic parts as well.

I have to put some extra attention to the awesome closing track 'On Ember Remains' which is one of 2014 top songs, all genres included. A track with everything within and incredible drumming from Mikko Sepponen! Absolutely amazing track. When you think it's over, don't press the stop button, there's more....Yes, it's the same guitar loops like in the first track 'Lionheart'. Marvelous.

This is another big progressive metal album release from Power Prog and Adamantra will definitely be on my top list of albums 2014!!

Thanks for the ride and good luck!

Adamantra Line Up:     
Mikko Sepponen: Drums
Tuomas Nieminen: Vocals
Jukka Hoffrén: Bass
Christian Pulkkinen: Keyboards
Panu Kiskola: Guitars

01. Lionheart
In The Shadow of the Cross
The Oracle
Angel of Music
Red Death
Wicked Chain of Events
Circle of Sorrow
On Ember Remains
Label: Power Prog
Distribution: Power Prog
Artwork rating: 91/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 16 May, 2014
Website: www.adamantra.com