Power of Metal.dk Review

Circus Pandemonium
Style: Melodic Prog Rock
Release date: 5 March, 2014
Playing time: 51:31

I didn't expect A.C.T to take the title of their 2006 album so serious; "Silence". But they have indeed been very quite for almost 8 years. In case you somehow has missed out on them before, I will try to explain what to expect: expect the unexpected!

They do not fit into any box, the multi-facetted music has influences from all over the specter: rock, pop, variety shows, cabaret and on this new album even some metal. The foundation is and has always been progressive rock with an eye for a strong melody. Their songs are intricate, playful and complex without ever drifting into pure show-off. Even though they infuse their melodic masterpieces with so many elements and still manage to hold the listeners attention. "Circus Pandemonium" is by the way a concept album and the story takes place at a circus around the turn of the twentieth century, so elements from that sound universe have also been incorporated in the sound.

This is in my humble opinion their to date best, most complex and heaviest album; their opus magnum. Another masterpiece from these Swedish magicians and an album I have been playing over and over and over... and I absolutely love it!

01. Intro (1:01)
02. The End (5:56)
03. Everything Is Falling (4:54)
04. Manager's Wish (5:54)
05. A Truly Gifted Man (6:44)
06. Presentation (1:02)
07. Look at the Freak (1:13)
08. Argument (1:06)
09. Confrontation (1:12)
10. A Mother's Love (2:37)
11. The Funniest Man Alive (3:45)
12. A Failed Escape Attempt (5:21)
13. The Lady in White (4:40)
14. Freak of Nature (5:59)
Label: Avalon
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Artwork rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 22 April, 2014
Website: A.C.T @ Facebook