Power of Metal.dk Review

For Bidens
Style: Dark/Goth/Black Metal
Release date: 31 March, 2014
Playing time: 53:02

It is well-established that Greece, the cradle of western civilization, is more than souvlaki and tourist traps; it's also a heads down metal community and a number of strong metal acts. Lining up among the latter are the quartet W.E.B. who've been around for over a decade now.

The band's third album, 'For Bidens', is a strong release with much to offer in terms of diversity, creativity and power. It quite simply has a sound and atmosphere I find so dark and thick that you can cut it in slices. Drawing upon influences such as Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth and at the same time without being scared of using elements of thrash, industrial ambience, classical and folk, the Greek combo offer a multi-layered take on the goth black genre. The quality of song writing is high and leaves you thinking that you've discovered a new detail or three every time you listen.

The Greeks successfully mix all the above-mentioned as well as chuck-chuck staccato riffing, female vocals, a deep, dark goth male voice, clean vocals, black metal snarls, oriental synth pieces, acoustic guitars, strings, groove, melodic solos and so much more without losing focus on building actual songs, and for that they deserve that you lend them an ear. But be warned! This album is produced and mixed! Yes, it actually sounds good. Fans of true black metal should probably be careful...

Do you like sassy, Greek ladies with cellos? Have a wee look at the official For Bidens video here:


01. Let There Be Night
02. Nightmares In Disguise
03. For Bidens
04. God Plays Dead
05. Eligos
06. Crimson Dawn
07. Prince Of 1000 Frozen Suns
08. Malaise
09. Night Funeral
10. Clamor Luna Part I - Clamor Rex
11. Clamor Luna Part II - Regima Est
12. Clamor Luna Part III - Regnum Sanguinis
Label: No Regrets Records
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 25 March, 2014
Website: www.webdarkmetal.com