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Gregory Lynn Hall
Heaven to Earth
Style: Melodic Rock / AOR
Release date: 25 July, 2014
Playing time: 53:50

Gregory Lynn Hall is a new acquaintance to me; even though he has a long "career" in the melodic hard rock genre. Gregory is from California and has been the singer of 101 South and has a long history in the music industry, in all areas from studio work to live shows. Anyhow... This is his debut album as a solo artist and this is a 100% solo work. He handles everything from keys, drums, vocals to guitar and bass. Spiced it up with a line of guest guitarists. This album is more of a stiffer hard rock album in comparison to 101 South's sound. (I compare their latest album 'No U' Turn' and 'Heaven to Earth' and this album is more in my taste.) Sharper guitars, heavier drumming and much more power in the vocals. Still I want to call it Melodic hard rock instead of AOR.

The opening track 'Rockin' the Road' is one of the strongest songs and is a classic American rock tune with elegant guitar works and a song you want to have in the car on a sunny day when you are driving to the beach. The guitars in the beginning of 'Stars in the Night' are fantastic and the song turns into a groovy rock song with South state emotions. 'Love Can' is a slower song where Gregory has problem in the beginning staying stabile in the vocals, but rescues it when the song speeds up in tempo.

He really surprise me with the metal track 'Fly On' in high galloping pace and with a voice similar to Patrik Johansson in Astral Doors / Civil War! A super song with very big potential to attract the fans of power metal. 'Fly On' is by far the best song on the album! Amazing guitar work in the middle of the song breaks off the up-tempo flow and I can't resist to bounce my legs! The title track and 'Cry No More' are two fine power ballads with strong vocals. 'Ordinary Man' and 'Mama Said' is more of AOR tracks and 'I Thought I Saw Heaven' and 'Cryin'' are two bluesy rock songs with many groovy rhythms.

This is something for fans of classic guitar-based hard rock with powerful vocals. A harder and stronger first half with a peak in nr 4 and a slower, more mature second half results in an charming 53 minutes of pure rock n roll. I even think my mother will like some of the tracks.

This swings!! Great work Gregory!

Gregory Lynn Hall, all Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Harmonica.

Guest Drummer:
Bandit Bellamia.

Guest Guitars :
Craig Goldy (Heaven to Earth)
Billy Liesegang (Cry no More)
Jeff Duncan (Rockin' the Road, Stars in the Night, Cryin')
Mike Turner (You got me Runnin')
Johnny Navarro (Mama Said)

01. Rockin' the Road
Stars in the Night
Love Can
Fly On
Heaven to Earth
Ordinary man
Mama Said
Cry No More
I Thought I Saw Heaven
You Got Me Runnin'
Label: AOR Heaven
Distribution: GerMusica
Artwork rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 18 July, 2014
Website: www.facebook.com/gregorylynnhall