Power of Metal.dk Review

4th Dimension
Dispelling the Veil of Illusions
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 21 March, 2014
Playing time: 39:58

Keeping in mind that this is my first introduction to the band, 4th Dimension sound like a cross between Gamma Ray, Sonata Arctica and early Labyrinth. So the music places a significant emphasis on catchy melodies and is very much reliant on keyboards. What 4th Dimension do they do well but a few songs into the album the sing-along tunes start to sound overbearing. Overall the album suffers on a homogeneous level, the sound is a bit too polished and the band seems unable to bestow a personal edge to the music.

And yet I couldn’t get myself to dismiss 4th Dimension’s validity as proponents of the European Power Metal genre. ‘Memoirs Of The Abyss’, for instance, is an excellent power ballad featuring acoustic guitar and flute sounds accentuated with occasional bursts of energy. Amongst other things, I also liked the intro to ‘Extra World’ where the band mixes electronic music with Metal to create an interesting effect.

“Dispelling The Veil.....” is 4th Dimension’s sophomore album and its striking artwork comes from the talented Claudio Bergamin (Ayreon, Battle Beast, Tierra Santa, Circle II Circle).

If you’ve ever enjoyed an album by Sonata Arctica there’s a good chance this album will end up squatting inside your CD player for a while. Now if you’ll excuse me, I really need some rough music to realign my sanity...

01. Veil 3102
02. A Circle
in the Ice
03. Kingdom of Thyne Illusion
04. Quantum Leap
05. ExtraWorld
06. White Logic
07. Memoirs of the Abyss
08. The Watchtower (A Dream of Chivalry….)
09. Dissonant Hearts

10. Away
Label: Power Prog Records
Distribution: Power Prog Records
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 27 June, 2014
Website: www.4thdimensionmetal.com