Power of Metal.dk Review

Into The Open
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 23 May, 2014
Playing time: 55:30

Some albums are very easy to put in a specific folder and some discs aren't, like 'Into the Open'. This album is a result of hard work from a fairly new hard rock band from Germany and the line up tells me that these guys usually play heavier rock than melodic hard rock.

21Octayne is the name of the project and 'Into the Open' is an epic experience. It's just like an roller coaster in the track list. Much to my delight I find a few glorious melodic hard rock songs like; 'She's Killing Me', 'Turn the World', 'Me Myself and I', 'The Heart (Save Me)' and the gentle ballad 'I Will Always Be Right There'.

'Dear Friend' is a hefty track, which flirts with both the alternative/modern rock and the light-progressive rock genre. In the modern rock song 'Don't Turn Away' it swings like hell and Hagen Grohe on vocals shows the width in his voice. Track titles can fool you sometimes and 'My Teddy Bear' it's not as cuddly as the title says. This is a heavy, dusty, garage rock song with dark, stoner-rock guitars.
I have to mention the amazing guitar parts in the middle of the strong title track 'Into the Open'.

The most progressive rock/metal, I find in 'Leave My Head' with various tempi and pretty aggressive vocals. The album ends with a quite insipid song 'Come Alive'.

This is a wide rock album with tentacles from prog rock, hard rock, melodic rock, alternative rock to modern rock n roll. If you are a fan of modern hard rock, this is a great album, but to heavy metal fans and the classic hard rock audience this is maybe too modern. Nice production and I believe a pretty good party album.

Hagen Grohe (The Joe Perry Project) - Vocals
Marco Wriedt (Axxis) - Guitar
Alex Landenburg (Rhapsody) - Drums
Andrew "The Bullet" Lauer (Paul Gilbert) - Basss

01. She's Killing Me
Dear Friend
Turn The World
Don't Turn Away
My Teddy Bear
Into The Open
Me Myself And I
The Heart (Save Me)
Your Life
I Will Always Be Right There
Leave My Head
12. Come Alive
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Patrik J Skoglund
Date: 20 May, 2014
Website: www.21octayne.com