Power of Metal.dk Review

11 Paranoias
Stealing Fire from Heaven
Style: Psychedelic Doom Post-Metal
Release date: 10 November, 2014
Playing time: 55:20

The label Ritual Productoins researches the field of the avant-garde doom metal, and presents us a band formed from genetic and musically connected formations on the English stage. For year and a half it released three products of 11 PARANOIAS, all of them with a different material. Missing the half an hour long vinyl releases, here we will focus on the first real full length album of the band.

The slow rhythm takes us in a very psychedelic environment. The music evokes a very strong memory of „Ummagummaof PINK FLOYD. The noisy background, the monotony bass, and the whispering vocal carry this feeling. The lots of echo on vocals and the enriched with noises background of however modest performance is very interesting, while the acid rock rarely is used by the contemporary metal bands. The drums and the bass are minimized as complexity. The heavy riffs are slow while the marking solos have non-standard blends reaching even the sound of indefinite wind instrument. Some high vocals hide imperceptible hysteria that is drowning in the whole noise.

While plenty of the contemporary stoner/sludge bands reach for diverse music influences that need long descriptions, after the first admiration of the sound decision passes, 11 PARANOIAS remain absolutely static on the already described features. The songs begin to sound unified and could even bore some of more choleric listeners. The long compositions enter their theme dilatory and offer a continuous return to the main idea. Doom metal stylistics loads up the songs additionally with psychedelic feeling.

The interesting experiments of the Englishmen do not succeed to unfold because of the monotonous sound and as if stupid decision for it. I expect thehigh productivity of the trio to overcome this passion for the second vinyl of Ummagumma. But till now I am only waiting.

01. The Great Somnambulist
Paranoiditude (Beyond the Grave)
At the Cyrcus
By the Light of a Dying Star (Neutron Start)
Lost to Smoke
Retribution of Dreams
Label: Ritual Productions
Promotion: Pioneer Music Press
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 18 December, 2014
Website: 11Paranoias @ Facebook