Power of Metal.dk Review

Call Your Friends
Style: Punk-pop rock
Release date: 12 August, 2013
Playing time: 48:32

Their tenth album and they still play the same style! Why change something you are good at? Some bands don't need to develop or try something different. Status Quo, AC/DC, Motörhead and there are sure a few more I can mention, all do the same kind of thing for years and years and still sell albums.

You can take songs from this album and their previous one and I'm sure you have difficulty in telling me from which album it is. Isn't there anything different then? Well, I have the idea that there are a couple of tracks that are a bit heavier. Especially the guitar riffs sound a bit more in front, like for example in the track "Public Enemy Number One". The rest of the songs are the usual sing-a-long ska, rap, pop influenced punk stuff. Pretty easy to listen to, giving you a good feeling and very nice to listen to in your car.

01. Sirens
02. I'm Just Here For the Free Beer
03. With Friends Like These Who Needs Herpes
04. Call Your Friends
05. Murder On the Airwaves
06. Public Enemy Number One
07. Born to Lose
08. Stick Em Up Kid
09. Automatic
10. Nerd Amor
11. Panic On the Streets
12. Don't Believe the Hype
13. Until the Sun Comes Up
14. Last Call
Label: Rude Records
Distribution: Rude Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 19 August, 2013
Website: www.zebrahead.com