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Wildside Riot
No Second Take
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 28 January, 2013
Playing time: 54:25

This is an album and a little comeback from a fallen Glam/Sleaze rock star from the 80's. The vocalist Rob "Rocky Shades" Berkley from Wrathchild UK, a band formed back in 1980 is back with a new line-up. Rocky Shades left Wrathchild in the end of the 80's to join Discharge with the onset of grunge and Wrathchild broke up. He started up Rocky Shades Wrathchild in 2006, but changed the name into Wildside Riot in 2010 unrelated to Wrathchild name. I've got their first album 'No Second Take' in my possession. Wildside Riot doesn't play in the usual glam/sleaze division, no this is mixed up with a little dose of trashier rock sound in some of the songs.

The first thing that hits me is how well Rockys voice sounds! His vocals has aged well, like good wine. He sounds almost better now, than in the old days or maybe it's taht this album better produced than Stakk Attakk from 1984.

Well, I find this disc pretty chewy somehow (for a sleaze/glam album), and if I compare it with other newer glam-rock bands on today's market 'No Second Take' is quite uneven and a bit wobbly. There are some stronger rock 'n' roll tracks on the album, but several fillers songs also, which could be left out.

They play a very basic, straight forward rock and it doesn't fit the bigger festival stages. This fits the small smoky indoor scene with a low ceiling and alcohol serving much better. Party rock is maybe the right genre.

Wildside Riot has made a tight album with many 'easy to like' songs and I feel that the quality in some of the tracks isn't at the level what demanding disc-buyers can require for their money. If you are a true glam/sleaze fan or are curious about the 80 century glam rock scene, I feel that it may be worthwhile to try to get this piece of art in your possession.

Best tracks: 'All Hail The Wasted', 'Wildside Riot', 'Babe I Gotta Go' and 'My Paradise'.

Line up: Rocky Shades - vocals, Joss Riot - guitar, Gaz Wilde, drums, Jimmy Gunn - guitar and James Crofts on bass.

01. All Hail The Wasted
Wildside Riot
Broken Toys
Fukk Em
Candiis Gone Bad
That's What Sunday Mornings Are For
Babe I Gotta Go
Angel On My Back
My Paradise
Wasted Lust
12. My Woman
13. There Is A Bullet For Each Of You
Label: Cargo Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 79/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 1 February, 2013
Website: www.wildsideriot.com