Power of Metal.dk Review

Piece of Cake
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 25 October, 2013
Playing time: 44:46

Despite the passing away of Jan Somers in 2011, Vengeance released 'Crystal Eye' in 2012. An album dedicated to Jan and with some fine songs. The best song on that album in my opinion is "Crystal Eye" written by former member Arjen Lucassen. This was already a warning sign of what would happen on the next album.

This new 'Piece of Cake' with its ironic title, doesn't impress me. The biggest part of the songs are written by German song writers Johann Fliegel, Carsten Schulz and producer Michael Voss. A few tracks are written by the Vengeance members Timo Somers, Leon Goewie and Barend Courbois. On 'Crystal Eye' there were still some songs above average level, but on this new album it is average from start to finish, there isn't a song that really shines. Don't misunderstand me, in general the songs are o.k. to listen to and are executed well, but that's all. Another demerit are the vocals of Leon Goewie. He overshouts himself on several songs. He is best in emotional tracks, but now he sometimes exaggerates. Sure there are some catchy songs, but to me most of the songs sound like a mix of leftovers of bands like Accept, Van Halen and AC/DC.

Personally I hope that the old times will return with strong songs like "Arabia" and "Cry of the Sirens", written by the original members. A disappointing album for me, but with enough tracks that will again make the crowd moving and partying. Meanwhile I close my eyes and try to remember a Vengeance concert in the late eighties. I can still see Leon instigating the crowd to sing 'liever Kips in m'n Bips dan gewone leverworst' (sorry for all who don't speak Dutch...). Damn that was a good time....

For now we have to settle with this new album, if you have been a Vengeance fan and still are, you will find some interesting songs on this album, but it is certainly far from their best.

01. World Arena
02. Tears From the Moon
03. Raintime Intro
04. Raintime
05. Sandman
06. Back to Square One
07. Headquake
08. Train
09. Mirrors
10. Piece of Cake
11. Goodbye Mother Sky
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Distribution: Playground Music (Scandinavia)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 27 November, 2013
Website: www.vengeanceonline.nl