Power of Metal.dk Review

The Intersphere
Hold On, Liberty!
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 28 February, 2012
Playing time: 45:43

Derivative. Uninspired. These two words come to mind when thinking about The Intersphere’s album “Hold On, Liberty!”. I was actually excited to hear this album after hearing the track “Sleeping God” on their band page, but I’m afraid that this song is not representative of the whole album.

In all honesty, The Intersphere comes off more as an emo rock band than an alternative/progressive band. The first two tracks on the album could only be described as “dainty” and could easily have been written by any two-bit indie/emo band; and the lyrics flirt with the airheaded frivolities of bands like Sugar Cult. No, I am not a fan of the “woah woah woahs”. They seem to be suffering from an identity crisis of sorts: Some of the songs sound emo, some sound like a rip-off of Dead Letter Circus, and some just sound “blah”. “Sleeping God” is the only track that has any sort of originality or inspiration (I guess that’s why they have it first in the queue on their band page). They may want to come off as eclectic or varied in style, but they end up sounding like they have no ideas of their own making. Sorry, it isn’t impressive to make copies of other people’s work, and then call it an album.

To be sure, there are some interesting ideas here. As I said before, “Sleeping God” really perked my interest, and it still is an amazing track. If the rest of the album had been similar, I would have been blown away for sure. However, the album generally devolves into punkish lyrics, unimpressive instrumentation, simplistic song structures, and a very light and mindless atmosphere. Even this could be forgivable if the melodies were tight and memorable; but, as it stands, I can’t really recall even one.  This music is for someone out there, but I don’t think it’s for me, or for anyone interested in metal or prog of any kind.

01. Masquerade
We Are
Sleeping God
Hold On, Liberty!
Open End
Parallel Lines
Label: Long Branch Records
Distribution: Playground Music
Artwork rating: 40/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 26 April, 2013
Website: www.theintersphere.com