Power of Metal.dk Review

The Green Violinist
More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: 28 January, 2013
Playing time: 44:58

I must say that I am very impressed with The Green Violinist from Belgium! I was expecting a ton of violin, obviously, but there really isn't much on the album apart from symphonic arrangements. I would love to know where the name originated, as I was hoping for some great violin solos or something.

Anyways, lack of violin aside, this group has something special. First of all, the vocalist has a very soothing, masculine voice that almost reminds me of Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance. In fact, I can't help but hear Dead Can Dance as an influence on this album in general. The music has a very neo-prog vibe, but is also has symphonic passages, too. Overall, though, there is an overarching psychedelia that reminds me of DCD and that provides an eerie quality to everything. I really like that.

"The Great Scapegoat Seeking" is the first track, and it is one of the better tunes I've heard this year. It provides a standard for the rest of the album with its soothing, eerie vocals; its soaring orchestral arrangements; and its beautiful tones shifts. The second track, "Velvet Road" is also an outstanding track. If the rest of the album had followed suit, this album would be one of the best this year. As it is, the album loses its way at the third track somewhat. It regains its footing with "Don't Worry Be Sad" and again with "Any Words You Say Won't Be Enough".
These tracks are both excellent, but the album itself loses a little luster. In general, this is an excellent album that promises great music to come.

1. The Great Scapegoat Seeking
2. Velvet Road
3. Shy People
4. Do Worry Be Sad
5. Human Connection
6. Any Words You Say Won't Be Enough
Bad Inheritance (A Song to Cure)
Label: Galileo Records
Distribution: Galileo Records
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 17 July, 2013
Website: www.gelileo-records.com