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The Burning Crows
Behind the Veil
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 14 June, 2013
Playing time: 63:15

The five British guys in the rock band The Burning Crows release their debut album 'Behind the Veil'. Their wall of sound sounds undoubtedly British without a shred of evidence. Very groovy and bluesy melodic rock in; The Darkness, or think harder Oasis style, everything packaged in a tough attitude and a touch from the sleaze rock genre.

Vocalist Whippz is definitely a big contributing asset to the band's distinctive style. They have a nice mix of the 70s rock like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and glam rock like The Sweet and the fancy band Slade. They have been blending that mixture up and woven it together with modern, edgy guitar riffs, heavy bass play and the result becomes a really juicy and fat rock sound. For a debut album 'Behind the Veil' is an extraordinary experience, because it sounds like they have been doing this for ages.

The first track 'High' is hooking me directly with Whippz high pitched vocals and the marvellous 70s groovy rock rhythm. 'All the Way' is next song on the list and it swings really good. Tons of attitude and unpolished rock 'n roll is coming up in 'You, Me, Tonight'. 'Time' is a down-tempo song, which is very melodic and has a lot of Led Zeppelin touch. 'So Wrong' and 'Fallin' are two of the top tracks on the album where the legacy from the brilliant UK hard rock shines through. There is only one ballad on the disc and it's 'Here I Am'. A classic rock ballad with a great power growth in the end of the song. One of my personal favourites 'Say My Name' with cool guitar riffs and nice harmonies. In the heavy and mysterious 'Devil May Care' tempo is slowed down again and the sound is darker; a nice disruption from the happy and easy rock n roll music. But in the next track is it full throttle again. 'Slow Up, Get Down' is an easy-going track without any extras. In the title song 'Behind the Veil' puts a smile back on my face; a very catchy and bluesy song with a hefty rhythm section that keeps the pace. 'Going Down' is apparently a bonus track and is one of the strongest tunes on the album.

A very nice debut album, which is a given purchase to the fan of classic British hard rock!

Whippz - Vocals & Guitars
Lance Daniels - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Will Lockett - Bass & Backing Vocals
Chris Chapman - Drums & Percussion

01. High
All The Way
You, Me, Tonight
So Wrong
Here I Am
Say My Name
The Queen
Devil May Care
11. Slow Up, Get Down
12. Behind The Veil
13. Going Down
14. Best Damn Everything
Label: Burning Crows Records
Distribution: Sound Pollution (Scandinavia)
Artwork rating: 84/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 2 June, 2013
Website: www.theburningcrows.com