Power of Metal.dk Review

Teeth of the Sea
Style: Psychedelic, electronic post rock/metal
Release date: 7 October, 2013
Playing time: 50:25

Sometimes my affinity for terrific album art leads me to some really strange places. Sometimes these strange places are disappointing or downright terrible. Then, however, there are the times when I discover not only a new band, but a whole new style that I really enjoy. Teeth of the Sea are one such band. Their new album "Master" has had me transfixed for a little while now, as they embed stunning, raw elements into their electronic style.

You read that correctly. Teeth of the Sea are labeled as psychedelic rock, but in reality they are more like an electronic post rock or post metal. There certainly is a psychedelic element here as lots of spacey keyboard atmospheres appear. On the other hand, we also get some really high-tuned guitar work that is so emotional and so hypnotizing. It always comes in at the right moment to hit that emotional trigger in your brain. Most of the soundscape here is electronic, however. But, this band also makes excellent use of horns. They are used in a way I've never heard, and I just love it. The horns become a foundational aspect of the music quite often, as they form grooves and melodies with ease.

As I mentioned, Teeth of the Sea have much in common with post rock. This means that many of the song structures are long, slow, arcing affairs that climax near the end with breath-taking results. This plodding pace can certainly be a weakness at times, or so I thought. What I've really discovered here is that Teeth of the Sea knows what they are doing. Everything on this album is perfectly placed, and superbly crafted. This band performs this climactic structural style with a finesse and a grace that I'm not sure I've heard elsewhere. Layers upon layers of sound converge, ebbing and flowing to the rhythm. And that's what "Master" is really all about, isn't it? It's about rhythm, melody, and vibe all set to a soundscape describing the uselessness of humanity. Touching, right?

So, with the sci-fi themes, the amazing cover art, and the sweeping auras of sound; Teeth of the Sea have created a masterpiece that is all their own. Their electronic style is part of a genre that rarely agrees with me, but this band has managed to create an album that appeals to me in every way.

01. Leder (0:37)
02. Reaper (6:46)
03. The Servant (4:22)
04. Black Strategy (7:18)
05. Pleiades Underground / Inexorable Master (5:03)
06. Siren Spectre (8:20)
07. Put Me On Your Shoulders So I Can See The Rats (2:32)
08. All Human Is Error (4:43)
09. Responder (10:43)
Label: Rocket Recordings
Distribution: Rocket Recordings
Artwork rating: 95/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 13 November, 2013
Website: www.teethofthesea.bandcamp.com