Power of Metal.dk Review

Live in Japan
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 7 December, 2012
Playing time: 51:10

Finest melodic rock from one of Sweden's best hard rock bands ever; Talisman. The genius Marcel Jacobs project together with (among others) the powerhouse Jeff Scott Soto will forever be something special. This live performance is from 1993, recorded in Kawasaki, Japan and originally released in 1994 and for all you readers that haven't any of the Talisman albums in your possession, you will have a nice time with this disc.

A short history lesson of the band: Talisman was formed in -88, debut disc 90 (Talisman) with the big hit song 'I'll Be Waiting', which is one of my personal favourites songs. Six studio albums and three live albums came before Marcel Jacob sadly ended his life due to personal health problems in 2009. Marcel Jacob worked with John Norum (Europe) and Yngwie Malmsteen before Talisman and both of these guys have a lot to thank Marcel for their personal success in the metal world.

I don't like live albums normally, because it's just a cheap way to rip us fans of our money and milk old tracks over again. Often with a bad sound. My feelings towards this specific piece is a little different. This is an awesome tribute to Marcel's memory and a chance to keep these lovely songs alive for us hard rock fans. I curse myself that I missed their show at Sweden Rock Festival in 2002. Those who were there said it was one of the coolest shows they've seen on a stage at this latitude. 'Mysterious (This Time It's Serious)' is also one of the best songs from their repertoire and it opens the show and in 'Standin' On Fire' Marcel does an amazing bass solo and the instrumental skills of the rest of band are also sky high. Fredrik on guitar is now a member in Opeth, Jamie Borger (Treat, Last Autum's Dream).

It glows and burns in every track and in the funky and catchy track 'If You Would Be My Friend' it explodes. The killer track 'I'll Be Waiting' still makes me plays air-drums like a savage and sing as a maniac.

The transition to the next song was stylish as hell! 'Time after Time' runs away like a wild river, throws and twists their dangerous eddies. Jeff has a firm grip of the audience with a firm hand and turns the sensitive 'All I Want' into a power ballad. Strong! 'Dangerous' and 'U Done Me Wrong' are two melodious and very guitar-based songs. A tight and relaxed live performance, which is fun to spend the time with.

I wish that this night was recorded as a DVD, but this is the closest I will get of a Talisman live concert. I'm very pleased with almost one hour of hard rock pleasure.

RIP Marcel..

Talismans core line-up:
Marcel Jacob - bass
Jeff Scott Soto - vocals
Fredrik Åkesson - guitar
Jamie Borger - drums

01. Mysterious (This time it's serious)
Standin' On Fire
Comin' Home
If You Would Only Be My Friend
I'll Be Waiting
Time After Time
All I Want
U Done Me Wrong
Break Your Chains
11. Bass + Guitar solo
12. All Or Nothing
13. I Am A Viking
14. Just Between Us
Label: Sun Hill Productions
Distribution: Playground Music (Scandinavia)
Artwork rating: 82/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 11 March, 2013
Website: www.talismanmusic.se Info - W E T - Rise Up