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No More Hell to Pay
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 1 November, 2013
Playing time: 51:40

Sweet, sweet Michael and Robert Sweet are the brothers, who together with Oz Fox are the founders, core and spine of the legendary Christian hard rock band Stryper. Earlier this year they released 'Second Coming' and with that disc I became very satisfied and impressed by the vitality of the 'old' hair rockers.

Btw: Do you wonder what Stryper stand for? Answer: "Salvation Through Redemption, Yielding Peace, Encouragement and Righteousness"...

I haven't heard anything new from the yellow and black attack since the 80's and GOSH! This is a comeback with 50 minutes of pure energy and full force. There is disturbing part for an atheist with the too explicit Christian messages in some of the tracks, but apart from that it's a very enjoyable album. 'No More Hell to Pay' is far heavier than I expected. All band members have passed the 50 mark and not a wrinkle or a grey hair is to be found on their heads. Amazingly how some guys walks through life without age wrinkles.

Anyhow, the awesome vocals from Michael Sweet (and he still hits the highest notes) with his high and clear voice is overwhelming, and there isn't a 'backtothe80's' sound on 'No More Hell to Pay', no no.. we are served a very modern melodic metal with a bold approach and Stryper has created a quite life-affirming and very potent album.

I raise my fist and declares this album to their best album ever. I have a couple of songs, which are special and got stuck in my head. 'The One' is an adorable ballad with absolutely stunning vocals from Michael. The up-tempo metal tracks'
Saved By Love' and 'Legacy' are two songs, which I have in my party track folder now. Really some kick-ass songs! I almost forgot the intro track 'Revelation'. Very melodic with extraordinary performed guitar solos. The two closing tracks are maybe the best ones. Very positive feelings throughout this album. The only negative on this piece of art is the so-so cover of the song 'Jesus Is Just Alright'. I can live without that one.

I wasn't prepared for the strong track-list from this in my mind ex. hard rock band. I really hope that this is a new beginning because this band is very much alive and kicks hard!!

Stryper carries the original 1983 line-up on this album, with Michael on guitar, vocals, Robert on drums, Oz Fox on guitar, and Tim Gaines on bass.

A very recommended buy!

01. Revelation
No More Hell To Pa
Saved By Love
Jesus Is Just Alright
The One
Marching Into Battle
Te Amo
Sticks And Stones
Water Into Wine
11. Sympathy
12. Renewed
Label: Frontiers Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 23 October, 2013
Website: www.stryper.com