Power of Metal.dk Review

State Urge
White Rock Experience
Style: Prog Rock
Release date: 18 March, 2013
Playing time: 48:28

What do you get when you mix Pink Floyd, electronic elements, Porcupine Tree, and some classic rock sensibilities? Yes, you get State Urge, a new band from Poland. Interestingly enough, they don't sound anything like the other "progski" bands from recent years, and that's perfectly okay. This band has a great sound that is addictive in all the right ways.

Yes, these guys mix high-tuned guitar work with infectious melodies, spacey keys, and very interesting song structures. In fact, I'd say that their songwriting skills show a much more mature band than you would expect. Their sound leans heavily upon atmospheric instrumental sections that feature some inventive guitar work that could be called noodling, but it never gets annoying or pretentious. It always seems to have a point and a destination. A spacey, electronic ambiance immerses much of their music, such as on the opening instrumental track "Third Wave of Decadence". Other times, a strong classic rock vibe is present, such as on tracks "Preface" and "All I Need". Addictive grooves, excellent classic-style drums and bass, and wonderful piano passages also complement the already scrumptious tone of the music. One of the best parts of this album is the presence of great keys. Organs, synth, and piano are all used expertly. I especially enjoyed the "wild" organ passages on "Preface", the thoughtful and spacey synth on my favorite track "Long for You", and the excellent piano on "Time Rush".

The vocalist has quite a unique voice. I can't really make any comparisons in general, but he really sounds like Mick Jagger at points, especially on the final track. This really adds to the classic rock feel of the album. It is by no means a weakness, either.

If I were to point out one similarity State Urge has with their Polish prog brothers, it would be the darkness of the lyrical content. The lyrics are emotional, desperate, and introspective. A longing for lost love, a feeling of loneliness, and new resolve for the future can all be found in the pages of this journal. And, if there's anything I love, it's dark and personal lyrics mixed with great music. State Urge has started their career at a high point, and I have a feeling that it will only get better from here.

01. Third Wave Of Decadence (5:30)
02. Preface (4:00)
03. Time Rush (6:18)
04. Long For You (5:00)
05. Illusion (8:00)
06. Tumbling Down (5:47)
07. 7: Gaze (5:46)
08. All I Need (8:08)
Label: Lynx Music
Distribution: Lynx Music
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 12 December, 2013
Website: Stateurge.com