Power of Metal.dk Review

Semper Fidelis
Style: Groovy Melodic Metal
Release date: March 2013
Playing time: 14:54

“Semper Fidelis” contains old-school Metal with abundant hooks and occasional Death Metal grunts. The guitars churn a palatable mix of Pantera-like riffs and blazing solos. It’s actually tricky to categorise this music but – and this is the most important thing - the end result works a treat.


This EP is Souldrinker’s debut release, even though the line-up is almost the same as that of Watch Me Bleed, a Death Groove band from South West Germany with 2 albums to its credit. Besides Watch Me Bleed, Souldrinker’s members have in the past been involved with bands such as Symphorce, The Mystery and Mystic Prophecy. All these bands’ music is/was quite different from each other and I think this musical diversity is reflected in the music of Souldrinker, to beneficial effect.


An important element of the music is the lead vocals dept. Iris Boanta’s singing has the guttural intensity of Leather Leone and the Teutonic sense of melody of Doro Pesch. Alex Gindu provides Death Metal vocals to Souldrinker’s music but I still felt that the overall feel of these songs lies in the 1980s.


I’ve an inkling we’re going to hear more from this band in the near future. The sooner, the better!
01. Dawn (Intro.)
Sixteen Men Of Tain
To All That Is Lost
Burn The Pact
Label: Independent
Reviewed by: Chris Galea
Date: 29 May, 2013
Website: www.souldrinker.org