Power of Metal.dk Review

Solar Soma
So Much for Style
Style: Prog Rock
Release date: 5 April, 2013
Playing time: 30:08

I've been listening to quite a few EPs lately, as I love to hear up-and-coming bands and I think it's important to support the independent music scene. There really are a ton of quality independent EPs to be had out there. However, I think the best one I've heard this year is Solar Soma's “So Much for Style”. This five song EP is FREE on their bandcamp page, and each and every track is of the utmost quality.

Solar Soma is a sister band to Projected Twin, as some of you may know. Projected Twin's latest album was performed mostly by the members of Solar Soma, and Projected Twin vocalist Shaun plays bass for Solar Soma. So, the two projects are intertwined, for sure. As such, we get many of the same strengths. The bass is dynamic and mixed well; the guitar work is sensational in both acoustic and electric forms; and the drums are hammered until the cymbals break. Yet, the biggest difference is that the vocals are handled by Cat Johns, a female singer with beautifully melodic tone. Her vox really set the two bands apart upfront, and I will say that her vocals are actually the more dynamic of the two. She really pushes the limits of her range and style many times.

One thing that really impressed me with Solar Soma is their ability to mix accessibility with serious progressive structure. The tracks are never your standard fare and they are always varied within themselves. The EP as a whole is also varied, from rock songs to beautiful ballads to psychedelically-tinged oddities. The EP never gets boring, as my many listens can attest. With that said, I'd say my two favorite tracks are “Lunchbox Monster” and “Islands”. They are very different, with the former being a guitar-driven, mad-vox rock song and the latter being a melodic piece of art. But, such is the nature of Solar Soma.

I recommend that everyone try out this EP, as it is FREE. This bands needs a shot at being heard, for I can't really place any other bands that sound like them. I know that female vocals turn off some rock fans (I'm not sure why), but Cat can sing like no one's business. Please, give it a listen.

1. Two Headed Dog
2. Crackd
3. So Much for Style
4. Lunchbox Monster
5. Islands
Label: Independent
Distribution: Solar Soma @ Bandcamp
Artwork rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Jason Spencer
Date: 12 September, 2013
Website: Solar Soma @ Bandcamp