Power of Metal.dk Review

Cold Silence
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 19 April , 2013
Playing time: 53:40

The great vocal powerhouse Lee Small (Shy/Phenomena) is the lead singer in the new Norwegian hard rock band Snowfall. Tore Meli is the guitarist, "PB" Riise is playing the bass and keybords and Perra Johnson handles the percussion. The love to the British and American 80's melodic hard rock bands is strong influences and this album is really full of golden earrings. Very well written songs together with shining guitars and a world class vocalist. A flawless production from Martin Kronlund makes this very enjoyable. Melodic UK hard rock with a touch of Scandi AOR is my feelings and the carat is very high in these eleven golden gems.

The brilliant singer Lee Small is one of my favourite vocalists and with his sensitive blues voice together with all these well balanced rock songs makes this one of the best debut albums this year. Very mature rock with no tendencies of me becoming tired or bored. No, quite the opposite. These songs grow and give me inner strength and lots of joyful time.

Maybe nothing earthshaking or so, but very, very tasteful songs with driven melodies with big doses of guitar candy. The intelligent choice to put Mr Small on vocals is really lifting Snowfall above the so-so bands in the genre. The songs are written to Lee's voice and the awesome song 'Don't Drive Me Home Tonight' is a masterpiece and the song 'Citadel of Hope' is another groovy tune, tasteful harmonies and nice choruses. 'House of Prayer' is an up-tempo song with masterful guitar loops. The calm and elegant 'Heaven Not Up There' is an emotional ballad. 'Jack of Diamonds' and 'Wolfs Lair' is two high quality '80's songs'. I have to mention the nice guitars in the song 'Stampede'. The funky track 'Oscillate' is Lee's personal blues song! 'Alexandria' is a intimate and cosy track. The closing song is the longest on the album and 'Vesper Bell' is a sensitive and epic ballad and a perfect song to end a new great acquaintance to me.

My only reference with Norwegian melodic hard rock is the band Return from the end of the 80's. This is a very solid album and I do not think there is a single filler song on the album that is a fertile ground for scores in the higher range. Norway have a new hard rock band that is capable to make a journey to the big audience if they get the right support. I want more of this, because this is really a breakthrough in this genre. Both my thumbs are up!

If you are a fan of W.E.T, Work of Art, SHY, Eclipse, House of Lords, Giant and such bands this is definitely something for your musical taste.

01. Don't Drive Me Home Tonight
Citadel Of Hope
House Of Prayer
Heavens Not Up There
Jack Of Diamonds
Wolfs Lair
I Won't Be Lonely Anymore
11. Vesper Bell
Label: Escape Music
Distribution: Sound Pollution (Scandinavia)
Artwork rating: 91/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 24 March, 2013
Website: www.escape-music.com