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Skunk Anansie
An Acoustic Skunk Anansie - Live In London
Style: Rock
Release date: 23 September, 2013
Playing time: 74:30

Skunk Anansie are now as they were in the heyday of the mid 90s Indie rock explosion. That means they are good. VERY good. They still have everything that made them so revered, the most prominent of which is the unwavering power of Skins vocals - unblemished after a career that has spanned 3 decades. There are few, very few, that this can be said of.

Being an acoustic album it is invariably more heavily vocally orientated, but there are lovely little intricate guitar fills that are put in due to the fact that acoustically, playing the same thing on the album probably wouldn't fit as well. One of my favourite such instances is on 'Because Of You'. Simple little guitar scale in the key of India (listen and you'll know) on the bridge to the last chorus.  Little gems like this crop up everywhere and if you're a fan like myself, then noticing these little differences is probably going to make it more enjoyable than for someone who is hearing it for the first time, but enjoy it they will.

Bravely, there is also a cover of Paul Wellers 'You Do Something To Me'. Weller fans will remember a melancholy edge to his voice that - without wanting to start a battle here - isn't quite possible in the same way for a woman. Not that I am, or would, suggest they are trying to do the exact same thing. It's a challenge to deliver a different take on something so well known - but they make it work.

Even people who are not fans of the genre would definitely appreciate this.
The consistency of musical quality throughout this album starts at the top and only dips right at the end - because even after 18 songs you're left wanting more and there isn't any.

01. Brazen (Weep)
Because Of You
Infidelity (Only You)
I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero
100 Ways To Be A Good Girl
I Believed In You
You Saved Me
I Will Break You
God Loves Only You
12. You Do Something To Me
13. Weak
14. My Ugly Boy
15. Squander
16. Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)
17. Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
18. Charlie Big Potato
Label: Edel
Distribution: Playground Music (Scandinavia)
Reviewed by: Matt Fabi
Date: 11 September, 2013
Website: www.skunkanansie.net