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Circus of Lost Souls
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 1 March, 2013
Playing time: 55:32

The French hard rock band ShannoN is releasing their first album since 'Angel In Disguise' from 2007. 'Circus of Lost Souls' is a disc with thirteen powerful and melodic party rock songs. Shannon was formed in 1998 and their debut and eponymous album was released in November 2003.

Oliver Del Valle on vocals has a genuine rock tune and nice rasp in his voice that gives the songs their character and freshness. It feels like a blend of a modern version of classic Slade's 70's glam rock and a melodic American hard rock. I really like that they put the guitars in the front row of the songs and that they mix between quicker rock tracks and the calmer melodic songs like the gentle 'Can't Stop the Rain'.

ShannoN's rock 'n' roll is as straight forward as a highway and groovy and easy to digest. There is s a pervading theme on the tracks and it's no major frills in the technical licentiousness. The French band is surely a band that is perfect on the live stages. The songs are written to fit to play live!! The cover of Bronski Beats old hit 'Smalltown Boy' is the track, which ends the album and that was a surprising (but fun) choice of a song to make a cover of.

The album is full of wonderful guitar riffs and the rhythmic, hard comp from the rhythm section is building a strong base, which Oliver can spice it up with his nice vocals. The backing vocals in the choruses lifts a number songs from a so-so rating to an upper OK level in my view.

There is nothing innovative or revolutionizing about 'Circus of Lost Souls', but it's a pleasant and enjoyable album if you like 80's US melodic hard rock with a touch of NWOBHM.

The best tracks are: 'Ride to Live', 'Can't Stop the Rain', 'Death on the Run', 'In Your Eyes' and 'Drive Me Crazy'.

ShannoN Lineup:
Olivier Del Valle - lead vocal
Thierry Dagincourt - keyboards & backing vocals
Patrice Louis - guitar & backing vocals
Philippe Sassard - bass & backing vocals
Jean Marc Anzil - drums

01. Ride To Live
Forever Now
Halfway To Heaven
Can't Stop The Rain
Don't Get Me Wrong
Dust To Dust
Death On The Run
Let's Make Rock
Kick It Down
I Don't Need You Anymore
In Your Eyes
12. Drive Me Crazy
13. Smalltown Boy (cover)
Label: Mad Associtation
Distribution: Music Buy Mail.eu
Artwork rating: 73/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 15 February, 2013
Website: www.shannon-rock.com