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Sense vs Sanity
Out of the Void
Style: Progressive Death Metal
Release date: 13 April, 2013
Playing time: 53:45

Sense vs Sanity is a death metal band hailing from the north of the Netherlands. Multi intrumentalist Sander Stegeman started the band and together with Disintegrate drummer Joran Dijkstra and several guest musicians he has created this melodic death album. Label owner Tom de Wit helped with some vocals and orchestration and musicians like Richard Sjunneson, Joop de Rooij (Magion), Jord Otto (Revamp), Merel Bij de Leij (Aborted, Mendel), Bert Heerink (ex- Vandenberg), Marjan Welman (Autumn) and Andi Kravljaca (Silent Call, Aeon Zen) contributed too. Danny Boonstra (Disintegrate) took care of the artwork.

The first track starts with some spoken parts and is a rather instrumental song. Richard Sjunneson takes care of some vocals on "Out of the Void", it is a heavy track with part singing. The next song that I want to mention is "Trust", one of the heavier tracks on the album, "Never Enough" is again an up-tempo track, but has a rather catchy refrain. The keys have a more prominent role in the tracks "Taking the Reigns" and "The Path". Due to the keys, the music has a certain progressive touch and in "The Path" they make the music rather bombastic. Bert Heerink takes care of the clean vocals in "Another Me" and it is good to hear him. The contrast with the grunts is nice.

I think that Sander can be proud of this album and that progressive death metal fans will appreciate it. Several times the band Loch Vostok entered my mind while listening to this album. I think that is because of the contrast between the melodic parts and the heavier pieces. Nice album!

01. A Spirit Dissolved (Instrumental)
02. Out of the Void
03. Disposable
04. Trust
05. Never Enough
06. Rekindled Fire
07. Taking the Reigns
08. The Path
09. Another Me
10. A Spirit Regenerated (Instrumental)
11. Another Me (Acoustic Bonus track)
Label: Layered Reality Productions
Distribution: Press@layered-reality.com
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 14 April, 2013
Website: www.sensevssanity.nl