Power of Metal.dk Review

Streets (Narrated version)
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 27 September, 2013
Playing time: 80:40

What many, my self included, consider to be Savatage's opus magnum: "Streets - A Rock Opera" has just become even more complete. Paul O'Neill and Jon Oliva have enhanced their already most complete and exciting album with small narrated pieces tying the story even tighter and better together. This is according to them the way it was meant to be.

"Streets" is a heavy metal classic, and each and every serious metal fan should have the original already, but this new version adds a dimension to the whole picture that justifies a purchase. I won't spend time typing things that has already been said a million times about this magnificent album, so do yourselves a favor and get this masterpiece (again)...

The release also includes a DVD: "The video collection", which is pretty much self explainable as well as a few rare audio tracks.

Value for your money!

01. Streets
02. Narration to "Jesus Saves (Original Version)"
03. Jesus Saves (Original Version)
04. Narration to "Tonight He Grins Again"
05. Tonight He Grins Again
06. Narration to "Strange Reality"
07. Strange Reality
08. Narration to "A Little Too Far"
09. A Little Too Far
10. Narration to "You're Alive"
11. You're Alive
12. Narration to "Sammy And Tex"
13. Sammy And Tex
14. Narration to "St. Patrick's"
15. St. Patrick's
16. Narration to "Can You Hear Me Now"
17. Can You Hear Me Now
18. Narration to "New York City Don't Mean Nothing"
19. New York City Don't Mean Nothing
20. Narration to "Ghost In The Ruins"
21. Ghost In The Ruins
22. Narration to "If I Go Away"
23. If I Go Away
24. Narration to "Agony And Ecstasy"
25. Agony And Ecstasy
26. Narration to "Heal My Soul" 2
27. Heal My Soul
28. Narration to "Somewhere In Time
29. Somewhere In Time
30. Believe
31. Larry Elbows (previously unreleased)
Label: Edel Germany
Distribution: Playground Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 16 November, 2013
Website: Savatage @ Facebook