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Sacred Mother Tongue
Out of the Darkness
Style: Modern Metal
Release date: 15 April , 2013
Playing time: 44:16

Sacred Mother Tongue is hailing from Northampton, UK and these four guys have been playing together since 2008. Their acclaimed debut album 'The Ruin of Man' is from 2009 and is available on Spotify. Sacred Mother Tongue's new album 'Out of the Madness' is punching me in the groin and fills my head with a big dose of fresh modern metal, straight out of the box.

'Demons' is a killer song with sound picture that could be described as a mix of Metallica, Disturbed and Audioslave. Four years have passed since the debut and Darrin South on vocals is a more mature vocalist, the songs are more melodic and the guitars are several levels higher on the technical scale. The progressive song 'Bird In Hand' is a mid-tempo track with splendid vocals and the drum work from Lee Newell is impressive. Andy James is the guitar player in the band and is a anchor man on this piece of art. It's not any classic British rock n roll on the album, no ... it is smack American metal that steams and vibrates with vigorous metal energies. Like in the two stiff hard tracks 'Seven' and 'Pawn', which could be on any Disturbed album! Very sharp and aggressive guitars and with clean vocals that are blended together into a powerful iron mass that flows and hovers in my ear canals.

Joss Gurner on the bass guitar is really pounding the pace in the songs like in the calmer track 'Bleeding Out', which is more in the progressive metal genre. Sacred Mother Tongue is a rather new acquaintance for me. I got a little whisper in my ear that told me that these guys are an interesting band for the future in the modern metal. My God that was a good tip.
The powerful tracks 'A Light Will Shine', 'The City Is Crying' and 'Just A Ride' are three technically advanced songs with dark, thick guitar riffing and with a splendid vocals from Darrin.

One of my true favourite songs on the album is 'Evolve Become' with it's groovy, driven tempo changes and many positive energies. The album ends with the emotional song 'Believe' that feels personal and is a strong closing tune of an interesting album.

I believe that Sacred Mother Tongue is a band that have a great future in the metal business, if they have the right support and management.

01. Demons
Bird In Hand
Bleeding Out
A Light Will Shine
The City Is Crying
Just A Ride
Evolve Become
Label: Transcend
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 88/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 31 March, 2013
Website: www.sacredmothertongue.com