Power of Metal.dk Review

Robin Beck
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 15 August, 2013
Playing time: 38:09

The stunning female singer Robin Beck is back! With a whole bunch of great songs and together with one of my favourite guitarists; Tommy Denander in the line-up. How can this fail? I know Robin mostly as a giant 80's icon with her monster hit 'First Time'. Robin is married to James Christian (House of Lords) and he has produced and mixed this new album. Their daughter Liv Beck sings duet with Robin on 'Burnin' Me Down', they are a genuine rock 'n' roll family!

Robin (born 1954) has a superb blend of various songs on 'Underneath' and her voice is still very, very strong. There is no aging problem with her vocal chords. It kicks off with a heavy rock track 'Wrecking Ball' with more groovy sound than I expected. 'Ain't That Just Like Love' is a classic hard rock song with melodic harmonies, catchy riffs and a steady and secure vocal from Robin. An exciting and special song is 'Sprain', which is a little different song with a rattling and a dirtier sound than on the other tracks on this album...

It alternates between modern pop/rock tracks like 'Check Your Attitude', 'Catfight' and to very calm and touching ballads like 'Underneath', 'Burnin Me Down' and 'I Swear the Nights' to pure hard rocking tracks like 'Perfect Storm', 'Ya Can't Fight Love' and 'Follow You'.

I prefer the hard rock songs because there is a lot of guitar candy to digest and Robin has a perfect rock tune in her voice. The calm ballads are my wife's favourite songs, so the favourites seem to be depending on what gender you belong to...
If the album had had faster rock songs, I would have given a higher score! Extra credit for the great production, which helps the rating up a bit.

Robin Beck - Lead/Backing Vocals
James Christian - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals
Jimi Bell - Guitar
Glen Burtnik - Guitar
Tommy Denander - Guitar
Jeff Batter - Bass
BJ Zampa - Drums
Liv Beck - Backing Vocals
Fiona - Backing Vocals

01. Wrecking Ball
Ain't That Just Like Love
Check Your Attitude
Burnin' Me Down
Perfect Storm
Ya Can't Fight Love
I Swear The Nights
11. Follow You
Label: HMMR Records
Distribution: Cargo Records
Artwork rating: 89/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 22 August, 2013
Website: www.robinbeckrocks.com