Power of Metal.dk Review

Shrine of New Generation Slaves
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 21 January, 2013
Playing time: 51:01

Riverside has managed to carve their own little niche in the progressive metal scene, and have established themselves as one of Europe's premier progressive metal bands with their unique sound. And on "Shrine of New Generation Slaves", in short SONGS, they stay within the confines of their well-established atmospheric and melancholic sound universe, adding new and finer layers of new sounds that fit the sound perfectly.

This time around they are flirting with 70s classic rock as well as art-rock, and they've done it with ease and without ever loosing their charismatic trademark elements. And with Mariusz Duda's charismatic voice tying it all together, we are once more served another monumental progressive journey into the diverse and innovative sound universe called: Riverside.

The production is as always flawless, the execution leaves nothing to be desired for and I can only strongly recommend this album to Riverside fans around the globe.

Well done!

01. New Generation Slave (4:17)
02. The Depth of Self-Delusion (7:39)
03. Celebrity Touch (6:48)
04. We Got Used To Us (4:12)
05. Feel Like Falling (5:17)
06. Deprived [Irretrievably Lost Imagination] (8:26)
07. Escalator Shrine (12:41)
08. Coda (1:39)
Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 12 January, 2013
Website: www.riversideband.com