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Victims of Our Circumstances
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: 26 April , 2013
Playing time: 53:10

Greek melodic rock bands haven't flooded the market, so Redrum is a rare little rock n' roll gem in the hard rock necklace. The German vocal powerhouse and workaholic Michael Bormann is singing in the band and together with Redrums Athan "Lyssa"Kazakis and Panos Baxevanis have they create a very mixed album with different shades of melodic hard rock.

A very well produced album and in the first real track 'Scream' Bormann's raspy and hoarse voice spices a quite mediocre song up, and turns it into a powerful mid-tempo hard rock tune. Redrum is playing in the middle of the road and doesn't have an unique sound. 'You Can't Buy No Hero' is a song with no extra material or so, a nice guitar solo is most memorable thing on the track. Solid rock n' roll with the safety belt on. In the Bon Jovi similar track 'Dust In Your Eyes', which is one of my favourite tracks on 'Victims of Our Circumstances'. Here there is more soul and heart and a excellent performance from Michael. The emotionally 'Empty Promises' is an medium grilled song of an OK level. The groovy song 'Pokerface' is not a high lightning track, so the skip button is pressed. 'Dirty White Boy' is a Def Leppard sounding song with similar rhythms.

'Mother I'm Coming Home' is the strongest ballad on the album with right presence in the vocals and the typical 80's buttery and typical musical clichés. 'Tear Down the Walls' is an OK song, but doesn't make the ground shake or so. The tenth song on the album 'Have A Nice Day' is a hot and smooth track with a lot of American spiciness. The title track is also a song with many groovy rhythms and is the best song on the album.

The album ends with a cover of the 80's icon John Farnham's hit 'You are the Voice'. Bormann's vocal is amazingly similar to the original vocalist, so the cover doesn't sound very different from the original version.

Overall Redrum is an interesting Greek/German project and is worth checking out for most melodic rock fans, who likes Bormann's vocals. Anyhow, I've had a very nice time listening to this album.

Athan "Lyssa" Kazakis - Guitars
Panos Baxevanis - Guitars
Michael Bormann - Vocals
Marco Grasshoff - Keyboards
Alex Kidd - Bass
Thanos Sarketzis - Drums   

01. One Of Us
You Cant Buy No Hero
Dust In Your Eyes
Emtpy Promises
Dirty White Boy
Mother I'm Coming Home
Tear Down The Walls
Have A Nice Day
11. Victims Of Our Circumstances
12. Youre The Voice
Label: RMB Records
Distribution: Sound Pollution (Scandinavia)
Artwork rating: 73/100
Reviewed by: Patrik Skoglund
Date: 1 April, 2013
Website: www.facebook.com/RedrumOfficialGR Info - W E T - Rise Up