Power of Metal.dk Review

Undying Diabolyca
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: 18 March, 2013
Playing time: 52:11

As reviewer you sometimes takes a flyer on a band simply based on the info supplied by the record company, which much to my regret I did with this band.

Described as innovative as Crimson Glory, as technical as Cynic and creating an atmosphere like Arcturus, I thought what could go wrong?

Boy, was I wrong!

Nothing fits the description, and "Undying Diabolyca" is one of the worst albums I've ever heard. Nothing has the standard I expect from a recording band in the year 2013.

I can't find anything I want to highlight; it's just one big mess and a big disaster!

Next please, and fast...

01. Towards Doom
02. Another Way
03. Behind the Light
04. Storm
05. Reasonance
06. Whirl's Criterion
07. La Poison la Mode
08. Undying Diabolyca
09. Pulse Awakening
Label: My Kingdom Music
Distribution: My Kingdom Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: 13 April, 2013
Website: Radiance @ Facebook