Power of Metal.dk Review

Entering the Maze
Style: Power Metal
Release date: 31 May, 2013
Playing time: 51:16

Yet another dime a dozen Italian power metal band was the first idea I had about them. The first releases have passed my house so this was my first acquaintance with the band. Normally the big Italian accent of the singer immediately betrays their Italian background, but this time it could have been worse.

Sure there are musical similarities to Labyrinth and Luca Turilli influences aren't far away either, but due to the guitars there is a German vibe too. The guitars are rather crunchy and in front of the mix and the collaboration with the keys is excellent. Another strong part of their music is that it sometimes leans towards very melodic heavy metal and just before it gets too cheesy, they put some pepper in your butt. Michelle Guaitoli is a good singer, who can sing very powerful and sometimes entertains us with some more aggressive passages. The guitar soli are excellent and sometimes at full speed. In fact you can say that Overtures combines Italian power metal with German

A combination of Vision Divine, Labyrinth, Kaledon, Rhapsody, Gamma Ray, Edguy and Kamelot. If you like one of the bands mentioned or is a power metal lover in general, this is a fine album to add to your collection.

01. The Maze
02. Under the Northern Star
03. Of Nightmares
04. Savior
05. Empty Trails
06. Consequences
07. In the Middle of Nowhere
08. Programmed to Serve
09. A Different Point of View
10. The Oracle
Label: Sleaszy Rider Records
Distribution: Sleaszy Rider Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 2 June, 2013
Website: www.overtures.it