Power of Metal.dk Review

Origin of Extinction
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: 22 February, 2013
Playing time: 44:12

Yet with their full-length debut „Murder Death Kill“ (2011) MORTILLERY caught the attention of the thrash maniacs. Two years after this release they caught the attention of the serious labels as well.

The band overcame the ultra-aggressive blackened influences and achieved clearer style. The other “missing” elements are the direct quotes from the heavy metal classics. I present you the thrash essence of this quintet.

The scary calm intro and the beginning of the first song embarrassed me a little bit but then came the slaughter. Most of the riffs are fast and they are tamed by melodic solos. The noisy sound in the early EXCITER is not avoided. At the same time you can catch the influence from the early METALLICA in the rhythm changes from the fast passages to slower and melodic ones. The high and harsh vocals of Sara McCutchen also combine these influences but they do not lose their female essence. They are unique but frequently the canto enters a cliché that makes the songs sound very much alike.

The double LP release Napalm Records honors MORTILLERY includes bonus tracks. The band seeks its roots in the early thrash but also finds its place on the contemporary stage. Their unique music will be developed but the MORTILLERY’s star already shines for the connoisseurs.

01. Battle March
No Way Out
Cease To Exist
Creature Possessor
Seen in Death
Feed the Fire
The Hunter’s Lair
10. S
unday Morning Slasher
Label: Napalm Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Rock Thrashler
Date: 2 December, 2013
Website: www.mortillery.com