Power of Metal.dk Review

Morbid Insulter
Funeral Mysticism
Style: Black Metal
Release date: 9 December, 2012
Playing time: 61:54

Being a reviewer has a lot of benefits, but sometimes you receive releases that are out of my box. When it comes to black metal, I prefer the not so 'true' stuff from Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth. In the eyes of a real black metal fan, these bands don't even play real black metal.

This Swedish band Morbid Insulter has already ceased to exist, but I Hate Records have released a compilation of all their stuff. On CD 1 you can find the older stuff (2005/2006) taken from demos and promos. The second one is filled with 2 EP's and a song from a compilation tape. The biggest problem I have with music like this is the production. It is just as if they want to have a bad production just because... There is definitely progress concerning the production throughout the years, but still I have my doubts.

Nevertheless, I think that 'real' black metal fans will like this stuff. If you dig bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem and Burzum for instance, I am sure you like this too. Uncompromising metal with a dark, gloomy, evil and underground atmosphere is what you can expect here.


CD 1:
01. Awakening the Spirits of Evil

02. Deathfuck Bizarre
03. Strike From the Grave
04. Blitzkrieg Mayhem
05. Fornications in Paradise
06. Doomsday Orgies
07. Order of Unholy Violence
08. Blitzkrieg Mayhem
09. Wrath From Hades
10. Saints of Putrid Flesh

CD 2:
01. Abominations Curse
02. Thundering Evil
03. Breaking the Cross
04. Take Me To Hell
05. Black Fate
06. Wrath From Hades
07. Antichrist Blasphemies
08. Poison of God
09. Extol Sathanas
10. Raped Graves

Label: I Hate Records
Distribution: Info@Ihate.se
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 2 January, 2013
Website: www.myspace.com/morbidinsulter