Power of Metal.dk Review

Starwolf Part 1 - The Messengers
Style: Teutonic Power Metal
Release date: 6 September, 2013
Playing time: 66:45

Exactly two years later there is the follow up to their album "See You in Hell". An album that didn't do much for me, it was too average and cliché.

This time the band has made a concept album with a sci-fi story. After listening to the album I have to admit that there is improvement. The Manowar influences are not as strong, except in the last track "Born to Face the Wind". There are more up tempo tracks and the songs are better compositions. The band still plays Teutonic German power metal, where influences of Gamma Ray, Running Wild and Blind Guardian aren't far away. The singing is better on this album also, not as much high false singing. Nice twin guitar work can be heard on several songs, listen for example to the song "Salvation", which has Ralph Scheepers as a guest singer. Another guest on the album is vocalist Jutta Weinhold (Zed Yago) on the track "Blackbone Song".

All in all, the entire level of the album is much higher than on "See You in Hell". More tempo, better written songs, the (choir) singing is better, nice (twin) guitar work and again not as many DeMaio influences as before. The artwork and the lyrical concept is in my opinion a little childish, but what really counts is the music and that has improved. Although the song "Blackbone Song" gives me the creeps, what a cliché song is that!        

01. Raiders of Galaxy
02. The Spectre
03. Salvation
04. Pirates of Space
05. Port Royal
06. Chosen One
07. Earth, Water and Power
08. Reign of the Righteous
09. Thousand Suns of Eternity
10. Starwolf
11. Blackbone Song
12. The Path of Science
13. Born to Face the Wind
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 6 September, 2013
Website: www.messengerband.de