Power of Metal.dk Review

Memento Waltz
Division by Zero
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: 30 September, 2013
Playing time: 41:07

Those who are kind enough to read my sheer lunatic words know I often refer to masterpieces such as Cynic 'Focus', Coroner 'Grin', Death 'Human' or Coprofago 'Unorthodox Creative Criteria'. Three reasons for that: I am getting old and ramble; these records are a must-have; last but not the least, we are not only talking here about a bunch of great songs, but a music journey, something special, rare.

After a brilliant 'Antithesis of Time' (see the review), Memento Waltz is back with this mix of metal, progressive and jazz, so dear to my heart and mind.

I like good old growls, but a real singer like Marco, a tortured Rob Halford, is a great asset, making songs sounding more like... songs. Giuseppe's bass lines are like separated from the rest, so different... but match perfectly with the music. People who appreciate Sean Malone's, Jeroen Paul Thesseling's or Jaco Pastorius' work know what I mean. I can't play drums, so Gabriele's hitting comes from an unreachable alien to me. I can play a little bit guitar, but Livio's six strings fly light years above me.

But the most important fact is: the Sardinian quartet is still transforming lead, a high technical level, into gold, THE musicality, as if it has been composing and playing together since aeons. It is not so often you can get a real music journey. Do not miss the chance.

01. Omicron
02. Opus Alchemicum
03. Europa (Jupiter II)
04. Achilles' Paradox
05. Mechdreamer
06. A New Beginning
07. Emphasize
Label: Independent
Distribution: Buy the album
Reviewed by: Philippe Leconte
Date: 15 October, 2013
Website: www.mementowaltz.com