Power of Metal.dk Review

Style: Melodic Death Metal/Modern Thrash/Power Metal
Release date: 11 January, 2013
Playing time: 35:50

And now introducing: In Flames from Tampere, Finland!

No, wait, that doesn't sound right, does it? Aren't they from Sweden?

Sorry, I'm being a bit silly, but the point is that I hear a lot of In Flames in this fourth studio release from Masterstroke. It's not entirely fair to say that they just sound like the melodic death metal heroes from Gothenburg; there's also a fair amount of Nevermore and some undefinable power metal influences in there.

This is not a bad thing, mind you. 'Broken' is a rock solid release with a bunch of finely wrought and powerful tunes as well as chugging riffs in abundance.

That said, there's still a few steps to the first league for Masterstroke. They never QUITE come into their own, one senses, rather than standing on the shoulders of the giants, they're barely holding a hand on the giant's shoulder and is still trying to pull themselves up that one last inch it takes to be not just a master stroke but also in the master class.

Good effort and a well-worth listen for fans of punch and melody combined, though. Definitely recommended.

1. The Eye
2. I Condemn You
3. Seed of Chaos
4. Broken
5. As We Crawl
6. Reborn In Flames
7. My Last Day
8. Before the End
Label: Dynamic Arts Records
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 25 January, 2013
Website: www.masterstroke.info