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Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams
Style: Hard (80's) rock
Release date: 9 November, 2013
Playing time: 46:15

A typical case of neither fish nor fowl. There are power metal tracks on this album, but also 80's sounding glam rock tracks and even some progressive metal songs. After the "Intro(duction)", a rather catchy and well performed power metal song sets off. Hopeful I started listening to the next tracks "For Your Love" and "Daisy Dukes", but they were big disappointments. These tracks sound like a mix of Mötley Crue, White Lion, Poison, Van Halen and Whitesnake. Especially the track "Daisy Dukes" sounds like a very commercial David Lee Roth song.

Next "Closing the Deal" can't impress me either, a very weak slow track. The ballad "Lucid Dream" starts very interesting, but looses my attention somewhere halfway. The song changes into a progressive kind of track and has nothing to do with how it started. Suddenly in the faster track "Stormy" they try to sound more aggressive by using a different singing style and they start giving the keyboards (Jon Lord style) a bigger role. For me they put them too much in front.

I read some review phrases on the band's site and they were all very positive. I even read in a review that the writer got a Savatage meeting Helloween kinda feeling. Well, I didn't get the same feeling and I listened to the album a few times, but couldn't find the similarities. I really started to doubt about my judgment about this album, but "Paranoia" blew these doubts away. Again a rather simple (glam) rock track, nothing more and nothing less. The last 2 tracks didn't save the day either. Just before putting this on our site I read a review of this album and the writer did hear influences in the music of the following: Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Uriah Heep, Judas Priest, Dio, Steeler, Bon Jovi, Dream Theater, Queensryche, Saxon, The Scorpions and even Yngwie.... With some I might agree, but others.... well, perhaps it is just me being mistaken and having to look out for a new hobby...

To be sure, you better listen yourself and make your own decision.

01. Introduction
02. Cassie's Escape
03. For Your Love
04. Daisy Dukes
05. Closing the Deal
06. Lucid Dream
07. Stormy
08. Take Me Away
09. Paranoia
10. Wanton Conquest
11. When I Die
Label: Rockworks Records
Distribution: Rockworks Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: 13 December, 2013
Website: www.luciddreamsband.com