Power of Metal.dk Review

Feeding the Dead
Style: Death Thrash
Release date: 1 February, 2014
Playing time: 33:00

If I told you that this is the tightest or, for that matter, the most inventive and creative band in the universe, I'd be lying.

But screw that.

When death thrash is done with such passion and authenticity as these five Irishmen do with nine songs and a shitload of brutality from the time when some of us listened in amazement to bands who fused death metal and thrash so excellently. Killface capture that spirit brilliantly. They play it raw and straight-forward, through a bunch of great riffs and cool breaks. What more do you need?

Fully approved kick in the old school!

1. Meat Grinder
2. What's Your Pleasure?
3. Murderers
4. Disasters End
5. Seduction
6. Daddy's Girl
7. Gutless Scummy Cannibals
8. Breeds Inside
9. Feeding the Dead
Label: None
Promotion: Lugga Music
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 22 December, 2013
Website: www.killface.camp.com